Mosquito and Fly Fogging

Mosquito and fly fogging is the process of releasing a pesticide into the air to control mosquitoes and other flying insects. This process can be done with either liquid or vapor, but it’s recommended that you use vapor when possible because it dissipates more quickly. Mosquito fogging should only be performed in an open area so that the chemicals do not settle over your home. You also want to make sure you don’t fog right before it rains, as this could cause runoff containing pesticides into nearby water sources.

Bug Chief Olympia is expert in mosquito & fly control

We all know that mosquitoes and flies are not only annoying, but can also transmit diseases. That’s why you need to hire an exterminator who specializes in mosquito & fly control like Bug Chief Olympia! We have been serving the greater Olympia area for years and we specialize in outdoor pest control services. Our goal is to keep your family safe from biting bugs while keeping your property free of pests.

Eliminate mosquitos and flies

Mosquitos and flies can be a nuisance to the outdoors. They are high in numbers and can carry diseases that make outdoor activities unpleasant. Mosquitos may also pose a risk for pregnant women, babies, children, seniors or anyone with an immune system compromised by illness. In Olympia Pest Control’s can eliminate mosquitos and flies from your environment using natural products.


We are a company that specializes in the removal of bugs and pests from residential properties. Our team is highly trained and has many years of experience in removing insects, rodents, and other critters that can cause harm to your family or property. We offer free estimates so you can see what services are best for the type of pest problem you need to be resolved.

Homeowners who are looking for help in dealing with pests need a company that has specialized training and experience in this area. We take pride in offering excellent customer care as well as making sure every client is satisfied with the work we have done on their property. By ensuring we listen to the needs and concerns of our customers, we know how to tailor our solutions to suit each one’s individual needs.   Putting safety first – Our technicians have been trained to follow strict safety protocol, which includes taking precautions against bites or injuries when they are dealing with various types of bugs and pests. Our service is effective and affordable – When you opt for our services, we offer a number of solutions tailored to suit the specific problem that needs to be taken care of on your property.