They can cause allergies, asthma, and other diseases in humans. Cockroaches are also known for their ability to quickly reproduce and spread disease as they feed on human food. These pests can be seen crawling in restaurants, grocery stores, schools and hospitals among many other places across.  It is imperative that you get these pests out of your home or business before they have a chance to do any damage because once it becomes infested with roaches it will be difficult to control them without professional help like from Pest Busters Olympia WA who use state of the art products such as liquid baits.

Cockroaches are Gross and Dangerous

Cockroaches are gross and dangerous. They have been known to carry over 30 different kinds of bacteria, including salmonella and E-coli. The most common ways that people get infected with cockroach-related diseases is by touching surfaces where the roach has left droppings or feces, such as a countertop or table, then not washing their hands before eating food. For example, if you touch your nose after touching something covered in roach droppings without washing your hands first, you could transfer those germs from the surface to your nose and infect yourself with one of these illnesses. 

Kill cockroaches with Pest Busters Olympia

The common cockroach is one of the most difficult insects to control. With their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and environments, they can live in almost any area. They reproduce quickly, eat just about anything, and have a nasty bite that can cause disease. Cockroaches are also known for being able to carry bacteria on their legs from one place to another – which makes them all the more dangerous! But don’t worry! Here at Pest Busters Olympia WA we know how to get rid of these pests once and for all with our pest control services like fumigation or baiting.


We are a company that specializes in the removal of bugs and pests from residential properties. Our team is highly trained and has many years of experience in removing insects, rodents, and other critters that can cause harm to your family or property. We offer free estimates so you can see what services are best for the type of pest problem you need to be resolved.

Homeowners who are looking for help in dealing with pests need a company that has specialized training and experience in this area. We take pride in offering excellent customer care as well as making sure every client is satisfied with the work we have done on their property. By ensuring we listen to the needs and concerns of our customers, we know how to tailor our solutions to suit each one’s individual needs.   Putting safety first – Our technicians have been trained to follow strict safety protocol, which includes taking precautions against bites or injuries when they are dealing with various types of bugs and pests. Our service is effective and affordable – When you opt for our services, we offer a number of solutions tailored to suit the specific problem that needs to be taken care of on your property.